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Actual oscilloscope tracing from a pure sine wave inverter with less 5% total harmonic distortion. Notice the smooth rounded transitions from positive to negative, just like your utility company. To your equipment and appliances this is like a glass of some smooth easy to swallow energizing drink. 


Actual oscilloscope tracing from a typical modified sine wave inverter with 35 to 40% total harmonic distortion. Notice the sharp sudden transitions from positive to negative. This is what causes the high harmonic distortion level. Definitely not like your utility company. To your equipment and appliances this like swallowing a glass of nails. Not too healthy. In fact this type of waveform can actually shorten the life of many appliances.


All AC appliances and equipment are designed to run off of pure sine waves. Pure sine wave energy is the type of power that is produced by your utility company.

Benefits of running your equipment and appliances on pure sine waves:


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Free 5 Year Inverter Warranty Extension To 10 Years Total !

Also as part of our "Sunsational" Bonus Pack offer, you'll also receive free inverter warranty extension.



Free Lifetime Telephone Technical Support Assistance !

Also as part of our "Sunsational" Bonus Pack offer, you'll also receive free lifetime telephone tech support from one of the oldest names in the industry.





Free Rebate Processing Assistance !


Receive free assistance with filling out the State's rebate application. A $500.00 value as part of our "Sunsational" Bonus Pack offer.



Free Residential Shingle Roof Flashings For Every L-Foot !

You'll receive a roof flashing for every L-foot in this system with our "Sunsational" Bonus Pack offer. The use of flashings is the absolute best method for preventing leaks following the penetration of your roof during a solar system installation. Flashings insure that your installation meets or exceeds the roofing industry's best practices.

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Free System & Roof Layout Design Assistance !

And finally as part of our "Sunsational" Bonus Pack offer, unlike the cookie cutter solar kits offered by many of our competitors, we'll provide you with free assistance with customizing your system's design and roof layout.








Will That Other Brand Of Solar Panels Still Be In Business 3 Years From Now To Honor Their 25 Year Warranties ?

With Tariffs On Chinese Made Solar Panels Now In Effect With Probably More Coming And Solar Manufacturer Bankruptcies Being Reported Almost Every Month, For Only Pennies More Per Watt, Why Not Choose A Brand Like Mitsubishi Electric Which Has Been Diligently Serving The Solar Industry For Over 37 Years.

Now You See It And Now You Don't


Roughly two dozen U.S. and European solar manufacturers have filed for bankruptcy and more than 50 Chinese solar manufacturers have simply disappeard into thin air leaving the customers who purchased their products without a warranty.

Even some of the biggest U.S. solar manufacturers have had their stock values reduced to "penny stock" values.

In the 14 years that we've been selling solar systems, we've seen a lot of dealers and manufacturers come and go, leaving their customers with defective products and no warranty protection. We know this to be a fact because as a factory authorized repair center, we get dozens of calls per month from consumers asking if we can repair their out of warranty products.

It's great to save money when making such a large investment, but skimping on the brand or the performance specifications of the solar panels that you choose for your system is the absolute worst way to save money on a solar system.

Solar panels are the workhorse of any solar system and represent the largest portion of your investment. So its important to choose a manufacturer that has the financial strength to be there to support you throughout the entire length of your 25 year warranty. Saving a few thousand dollars upfront, by purchasing non name brand, poorer performing solar panels from a small manufacturer can cost you tens of thousands of dollars later if you were forced to replace those solar panels without an enforceable warranty policy.

It's important to keep in mind that dozens of solar panel manufacturers from all over the world are entering the U.S. market every month. Talk to any salesman that represents any of these manufacturers and you'll find that every one of these companies has big plans and dreams of becoming the next huge success story in the U.S. solar market.

Unfortunately, due to the shear number of competitors, already in the market with the same plans and dreams and the money to back it up, most of these non name brand companies won't exist in as little as 2 to 3 years.

Click Here To Read An Actual Email That We Recently Received Concerning Solar Panels That Were Purchased From A Manufacturer And Dealer Who Has Since Gone Out Of Business