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Years In Business

Founded in November of 1997 by one of the oldest names in the renewable energy industry.


Customers Served

Our off grid and grid tie customers base spreads from coast to coast with systems sold in every state as well as Canada and South America.


Megawatts Deployed

We are well on our way to deploying over 100 megawatts worth of high quality PV by the end of the decade.


MT C02 per year reduced

We our proud to have contributed to the reduction in the number of metric tons of carbon dioxide that enters our atmosphere.

Disasters Happen.
Power Outages Don't Have To.



Hyper X 2 Solar

The higher priced, non off grid solar systems that are offered by the solar leasing and PPA companies are designed to turn themselves off during a power failure, leaving you without power day or night.

Grid Tie Automatic Off Switch

Our advanced grid tie, offgrid solar technology automatically provides emergency power during a power outage that allows you to operate appliances such as a refrigerator/freezer, TV, lights, microwave oven, gas or oil fired heating, cooling fans and much more at a cost that is far lower than renting most leased, non off grid battery backup systems.





Not all off grid solar panel technology or financing options are created equal.

$0 Down Solar Loans

No expensive leases or PPAs and no solar leasing company loans that include 30% balloon payments or 2.9% annual payment increases. Just simple, $0 down solar loans with fixed payments on America's finest off grid battery based solar systems. Some that actually offer tax deductible interest. And some that allow you to repay your financing through your property tax bill.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE 30% tax credit

Current federal tax laws allow taxpayers that have a tax liability to apply a 30% credit toward what they owe in federal taxes. The tax credit applies to both materials and labor involved in the installation of an off grid battery backup grid tie solar system. But you've got to hurry though because your system must be purchased, installed, inspected and commissioned by Dec 31st 2019.

Up to 22.6% solar panel efficiency

Our advanced Hyper X 2 off grid / grid tie battery backup solar systems incorporates the latest high efficiency solar panel and inverter technology. Instead of a lower efficiency, single sided, glass on plastic solar panel design that has been around since the 1950s. Our Hyper X 2 systems use the latest, ultra high efficiency (Bifacial) double sided, glass on glass, see through solar panels.

reliable bulletproof inverter technology

All of our offgrid solar and grid tie battery backup systems utilize heavy duty, German engineered Schneider Electric inverter chargers with built in transfer switches with iron core 60 Hz power tranformers for extremely high surge capacity and long life. Schneider Electric is one of the oldest names in the industry with over 178 years of experience. What is offgrid solar? .


Introducing our new mitsubishi electric ballistic series off grid / grid tie battery backup systems

when reliability matters



The selection of off grid and backup products that we offer is backed by over 18 years in the grid tie, offgrid industry.

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